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Hyside Paddle Cat - Frame

How to build a Paddle Cat frame


Here's the formula for the Paddle Cat frame. This fits the old Paddle Cats perfectly. I'm not sure if Hyside made any size changes to the new ones.

When I made my frame I used an old NRS Stern Mount frame and simply ordered a custom bent foot bar and some shorter oars. This is a pretty cheap way to go. If you want to start from scratch you could have NRS cut and build most things for you but you might be able to find someone local to do it for cheaper.
Here's a list of what you'll need for the whole set up:

  1. Custom bent pipe: A=52", B=16", C=10" (as per NRS measurements for a foot bar, make sure you specify no LoPros)
  2. Custom cut pipe: 2 bars at 32" with LoPro fittings on either end (total of 4 LoPros for the two bars)
  3. Custom cut pipe: 52"
  4. 4 frame plugs
  5. 1 wooden slant board seat with hardware
  6. 2 oar locks
  7. oar lock springs
  8. 3 oar sleeves
  9. 3 oar blades 6 1/2"
  10. oar tethers

Oar mounts (2) and oars (3): Now this is where you might want to customize based on how tall you are. You can order 6" or 8" oar mounts and it totally depends on how long you want your oars and if your over 6 feet or not.

We ordered 7.5' oars and I feel like 8' would be best. The 6" mounts with 8' oars would be good for most people. If you are tall you might want to try the 8" oar mounts (standard with most NRS frames) and either 8 or 8.5' oars.

The total price even with the NRS pro deal might be close to $600. That is considering you order 3 oars, 3 oar shafts, 3 blades, etc. The oar set up costs almost $300, so your frame would cost about $300. You could probably make the slant board seat yourself and save about $70 or you can seal pieces off of another other frame to make the whole package even cheaper.

The only other modification we made was we reversed the hardware on the slant board seat at the bottom of the board where it connects with the bent foot bar. This helped pull the frame back and away from the valve on the thwart. You will also need a d-ring or two glued onto the back thwart to secure the frame. I'll send more photos of the frame itself once I get some picks from Heath.

It sags just a little bit when you're in there but with a drybag rigged to the front it rides perfect. With more gear it rides even better! 8-day low water Middle Fork Salmon here I come!!


The frame in use on the Eel River.

Eel River

Eel River

Eel River

Eel River

North Fork American River

North Fork American River

North Fork American River

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